Athaya Batik Madura

Toko Batik Tulis di Bangkalan Madura

Batik Madura is a form of art and culture, Madura batik much in demand and popular with local and international consumers. With a distinctive shape, Madura batik motif is unique to the consumer. Styles and a variety of unique and free, personal nature of its production carried out in the unit, they still maintain traditional production, written and processed in the traditional way.
Most people are familiar with Madura batik with strong character, which is characterized by free, with strong colors (red, yellow, light green). But seldom are aware that batik Madura may have more than a thousand motives and foremost batik market in Indonesia and overseas. History records Madura batik producers are quite famous. What makes it like that, probably because both of these commodities are an integral part of the traditions of their own communities.
Basically, Batik with various shapes and patterns, whether it Madura batik, batik pekalongan, javanese batik, batik jogja, solo batik and batik from other areas of high culture is a work of art that needs to be preserved, conserved, developed to be a valuable asset of the nation’s
On the island of Madura itself has long been known for a number of centers of batik. For example in Pamekasan, since the first lot of crafters and entrepreneurs batik batik dwelt and develop business in the region. Until now Pamekasan known as a center of handicraft industry Batik Madura Island. Because, as compared to other districts in Madura Island kabupten, Pamekasan is the most populated of the craftsmen and entrepreneurs batik.
Tradition of batik cloth embedded strong enough among the Madurese have made the culture of batik and batik fabrics wear well preserved among them. Even when it has not been as popular as batik cloth today, still producing and Madurese batik clothes, because batik is part of the customs and culture of their day-to-day. Now that batik cloth is so popular and wellknown, the crafters and entrepreneurs batik Madura Island more passionate in producing batik cloth.
About 30 minutes drive from Suramadu, a special batik clothing store called Athaya could be making you sit for hours tracing beautiful patterns typical Madura batik colors. The owner, Prima, can manage it with considerable success especially equipped informatics expertise so that they can also do online sales.
Of the various types of patterns on display, it seems the typical pattern that can only be found in Madura. The style of birds, flowers, and life seems to be Madura batik inspiration since hundreds of years ago. In Athaya, you can find the typical Madura batik from Pamekasan, Sumenep, Tanjung Bumi, and Sampang.
The uniqueness of batik Madura which is also provided by Athaya is Gentongan batik. Batik Gentongan process can take up to 6 months of storage in the barrel as part of the coloring process. Gentongan batik colors extracted from natural ingredients. The color alone can take 1 to 2 months in the barrel. The more color, the longer the process. The longer the manufacturing process also makes the price higher.
You can discover the beauty of batik patterns Gentongan with a firm and bold colors. Although looks grainy, does not mean it is cheap. The specialty of this batik is that the longer you keep or wear the color will be even brighter.
In the old days, the process of batik gentongan spent many months even reach 1 year only for a piece of batik gentongan. The motives are very intricate and detailed. To get one color only, requires a minimum of 6 weeks of immersion in a special barrel.
The history of batik Gentongan quite unique. Formerly Madura ordinary women making batik baby carrier and its manufacture is made from the first day of pregnancy. Gentongan batik usually completed within 8 to 9 months, adapted to pregnancy.
Other batik also taken from the local community. Shopping in Athaya imperceptibly can take hours. Stories and family atmosphere will make the shopping experience fun.
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